Simple Pleasures

My simple pleasures in no particular order…..

* Listening to old music hall songs and radio programmes which remind me of my wonderful Nanna. They weren’t the good old days, but we made the best of them she’d say.

* I love a silent room where all you can hear is the rain hitting the windowpane or the tweeting of the birds. Natures own music.

* A Miss Read book where I long for nostalgia and a society that looked out for each other.

* My china collection, it brings a smile to my face.

* Days spent together as a family and our infrequent and spontaneous road trips.




08A1D2E4-4A24-4186-9767-F870C88BF84DMy extended break has been great, that was until I deleted my Instagram account and now have to start again. These past few weeks away have really cleared my head and given me focus.

I’ve decided to allow myself a little online time each day, but spend the rest of the time taking time out for myself with a good book.

A lot of organising, decluttering and faffing has been happening and I’m going to share more of this on my blog in the coming weeks.

It’s good to be back!

An Extended Break

Something I have been thinking a lot about of late, is the time I spend online. I find my posts are becoming uninteresting, and this is something I want to address.

I have decided to take a much needed break from Instagram and blogging. Life has had it’s ups and downs and it’s time to focus my attention on these areas.

I want to thank you for all of the support you’ve shown me and I hope to see you all again soon.


Cabbages & Roses bedlinen review

7E3D7746-AD09-495F-9219-F5B51A670A4CAbout a month ago, I was browsing the John Lewis website for some new bedlinen. I have always loved Cabbages & Roses fabrics, but the indecisive person that I am, I could never decide on just one fabric for my room.

I like mixing things up with my room and by keeping the walls and floors relatively neutral, I can add colour and pattern with bedlinen.

After stumbling upon the new bedlinen from Cabbages & Roses, I decided on the Alderney print which is from their vintage collection. I purchased the pillowcase first of all, to make sure it was what I was after and then I purchased the duvet cover.

I have nothing but praise for this set. Although it’s a little pricier than what I’ve paid in the past at The White Company, I don’t think I can go back to just plain cotton bedlinen. The Alderney bedlinen is a blend of cotton and linen which has that vintage feel to it. It will only get better with each wash. The colour is a warm pink/red and it feels extremely cosy. I don’t think I can go back to regular cotton bedlinen, as I love the feel of a linen/cotton blend.

Overall I would rate this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I hope Cabbages & Roses do more cotton/linen bedlinen blends. I think I may need to replace the gold cushion as I don’t think it goes terribly well.

2018 Plans

1AFE4B6D-0194-409E-9D5B-7881A433F51FI know I had said in a previous post about setting goals/resolutions and how they sometimes aren’t achieved or they get forgotten about.

My plans are very simple for 2018 and look a little like this (I hope).

1) To Save each month.

2) To limit myself to only 12 purchases (not including daily essentials).

3) To only read one book at a time.

4) Don’t buy any new books during 2018, read what I have first.

5) To only buy something if it needs replacing.

6) To sleep on all purchases.

7) To keep on top of my inbox and digital photos. Delete what’s no longer needed immediately.

8) To find pleasure in the simplest of things. For example that first look through a magazine with a cuppa.

9) To put an end to mindless/impulsive shopping.

10) To spend less time online, more time reading and live in the moment.

To remember how lucky I am!!


Christmas 2017

BDEC121B-4582-4D92-8CA7-45775AFC9B8B2017 has been a strange year, and possibly one I’d like to lock away. Having said that we did make some wonderful memories and those will stay with me forever.

Christmas 2017 was most enjoyable. Filled with family, laughter, food and films. We watched Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, A Christmas Carol from 1951, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Charles Dickens, Holiday Inn and Holiday Affair. We also watched Morecombe & Wise. The old ones really are the best.

My Christmas reads didn’t turn out too well, but there’s always next year.

As always I am very grateful for the presents I received, my parents and brother always spoil me. The most important thing about Christmas is family, everything else is a bonus.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

November Empties

902BF866-4D1A-44AB-BF1F-4D5A1024A068During November I made the conscious decision to use up everything I have beauty related before buying anything new. So this post is of my November empties and my ramblings and thoughts of each product.

* Astral Original face & body moisturiser – too greasy for a daily face cream, but works brilliantly as a body moisturising. It is a very thick cream,perfect for very dry skin, especially feet and hands. The fragrance of the product was lovely, but could be overpowering for some, I’d rate it 2/5.

* Estēe Lauder Supreme Mask – pleasant pampering scent. Speedy indulgent mask for radiance. It did sting my sensitive skin on application. For speediness I’d rate it 5/5, but how red/sore it left my skin 1/5. I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin.

* Estēe Lauder Perfectly Clean foam cleanser – a little product lathers up into a gentle foam. A nice clean smell, it does leave the skin feeling squeaky clean. I felt I needed to moisturise my skin quickly after using. I liked how it could double up as a mask. I’d rate the cleanser 3/5.

* Estēe Lauder Verite moisture relief cream – I bought this back in August and only finished it in November. It’s a lovely non scented cream that soothes and hydrates the skin. I would repurchase as it was lovely to use 4/5.

* Clarins Double Serum – a lovely scented, non greasy serum. Sinks into the skin quickly. Perfect under moisturiser for extra hydration. Skin feels smoother, and appears less dry. I’d rate this 4/5.

* Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter – light, low foaming cleanser. Pleasant clean scent. Not overly scented. Cleanser reasonably well. It performs just as well as other foaming cleansers, I’d rate it 3/5.

* Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair – I didn’t notice any difference in my skin using this under a moisturiser. Wouldn’t repurchase 2/5.

* Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye – I didn’t notice any difference with the appearance of the fine lines under my eyes. There’s a slight fragrance, it’s a lightweight gel texture that’s easily absorbed into the skin. I suffered no irritation with this and would rate it 2/5, wouldn’t repurchase.

* Sukin foaming facial cleanser – scented with orange peel extract. It gently cleanses the skin with a low lather. I was enjoying using this cleanser until it broke me out. I’d rate this 2/5.

* La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo Cleanser – stopped using because it broke my skin out. This is a lovely no frills cleansing milk. Fragrance and paraben free, it didn’t burn my skin, but my cheeks were red after use and I suffered a minor breakout from this product. Not suitable for all sensitive skin types 3/5.