The Little Book of Hygge…

The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Living Well by Meik Wiking is one of the best books on Hygge on the market. Meik Wiking’s book is beautifully written, the pictures inside conjure up a feeling of cosiness, calm and contentment. Meik Wiking is the perfect man to write about the topic of Hygge as he works for The Happiness Institute in Copenhagen.image

The book isn’t just about interiors or what makes the Danes the happiest country on the planet, it features a lot more than that. It explains how ‘Hygge’ isn’t just about candles. It’s about spending time with friends and family and making the most of the time you spend together. You can ‘Hygge’ in all seasons and weather.

I’m looking forward to making the recipes in the book and making every moment I spend with family and friends more hyggelig.

If you wanted to purchase just one book on ‘Hygge’ you can’t go wrong with this one. This is a re-read for me and I score it 5/5. It’s excellent.



4 thoughts on “The Little Book of Hygge…

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  2. I also like the book but for a bit more background on the ‘happy Danes’ have a look on Wiking’s Happiness Institute website. It covers the social reasons behind happy Denmark which are well worth considering.


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