Cosy Bedroom

imageHaving been interested in interior design since a teenager, it makes deciding on a scheme quite difficult for the indecisive person that I am.

I’d love to be able to afford made to measure curtains, but for such a small window, I find the price is out of budget for me.

These past few months I’ve been looking at my room differently.  Looking on Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and bookmarking/screenshot things on the computer. I’ve also been writing things down as soon as I see something I like and checking it a week or so later to make sure I still like it.

Aside from flooring, furniture and paint, my room is beginning to come together. The things I’ve purchased so far are:

Tweedmill cobweave duck egg throw, Vanessa Arbuthnott duck egg/cornflower cowparsley cushion, Dunelm curtains and blackout lining, Secret Linen Store washed denim bedlinen, Laura Ashley pendant chandelier, Susie Watson Oscar baby pitcher and Luna Lighting butterfly tea light holders.

The room is beginning to look cohesive, which I’ve found difficult in the past. My north facing room no longer feels cold or un-inviting. Looking online at Etsy or eBay for handmade designer fabric items or making them yourself helps to keep costs down.


Autumn/Winter fashion wishlist

imageDue to many skin sensitivities this year, I now have to be careful with my purchases when it comes to fashion and stick to natural fibres only. I have also made the informed decision to build a capsule wardrobe of key items that I will enjoy wearing throughout the seasons and will not become bored with.

It’s easy to stick to black, grey and navy but sometimes a little colour is needed during the cooler and darker months to add a little colour and interest to an outfit. This can either be a skirt or top or something much easier to work into a capsule wardrobe like scarves, hats and gloves or a colourful pair of tights.

My autumn/winter wish list looks something like this.

Oubas Knitwear – Rowan merino lambswool poncho

Bibico by Snow – Rosie cord pinafore dress in plum cord

Bibico by Snow – Eva grey cord skirt

Bibico by Snow – Rosie plum cord skirt

Bibico by Snow – Audrey classic white shirt

Bibico by Snow – Maggie smock blouse

Bibico by Snow – Elena grey wool cardigan

Cabbages & Roses – Undertop


Images are from Oubas Knitwear, Bibico and Cabbages & Roses

Where I Read

imageI shared a photo of my favourite reading place on Instagram after being tagged by the lovely avid reader Arpita of @bagfullofbooks.

The reason my bedroom is my favourite place to read is because it’s my own space. A few plump pillows, a couple of cushions and a blanket create a snuggly place to lie and read for a while. Candles from The Vintage Chandlery and The Little Green Door add a flickering warmth and fragrance the room. My favourite mug from ANTA holds a hot beverage, normally tea.

My bedroom is my safe haven, a place to close the door and become fully immersed in the story. I find that keeping my surroundings as free from clutter as possible and keeping only books that will be re-read helps with this. My bedroom is a very Hyggelig place to be; to read a book, clear my head and write in a journal

* Sorry for not posting last Saturday, I had a terrible cold.


Breathe magazine

imageBreathe is a bi-monthly magazine which launched back in July 2016.

I knew nothing about this magazine when I first came across it in Sainsburys during the summer. The magazine is nothing like what’s already available from the newsstands. Breathe is about enjoying life and getting the most from it. The articles always make you think afterwards and in which ways you can adopt what they’ve discussed.

There aren’t any adverts which I like and I like the fact that the magazine is bi-monthly. I don’t feel I need to rush it like a monthly magazine.

If you enjoy magazines like The Simple Things, Landscape and Landlove then I think you’ll enjoy reading this, as it’s all about being in the moment.

The magazine is reasonably priced at £5.99 and you can find your local stockist here.