Autumn/Winter fashion wishlist

imageDue to many skin sensitivities this year, I now have to be careful with my purchases when it comes to fashion and stick to natural fibres only. I have also made the informed decision to build a capsule wardrobe of key items that I will enjoy wearing throughout the seasons and will not become bored with.

It’s easy to stick to black, grey and navy but sometimes a little colour is needed during the cooler and darker months to add a little colour and interest to an outfit. This can either be a skirt or top or something much easier to work into a capsule wardrobe like scarves, hats and gloves or a colourful pair of tights.

My autumn/winter wish list looks something like this.

Oubas Knitwear – Rowan merino lambswool poncho

Bibico by Snow – Rosie cord pinafore dress in plum cord

Bibico by Snow – Eva grey cord skirt

Bibico by Snow – Rosie plum cord skirt

Bibico by Snow – Audrey classic white shirt

Bibico by Snow – Maggie smock blouse

Bibico by Snow – Elena grey wool cardigan

Cabbages & Roses – Undertop


Images are from Oubas Knitwear, Bibico and Cabbages & Roses


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