Creating a Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine isn’t just for children. Adults need to wind down before bed too. Creating a nighttime routine will help you feel calm and relaxed and will help you drift off quicker.


My tips are

• No food or caffeinated drinks after 6pm. A warm hot chocolate or malted drink will help you feel sleepy.

• No screen time up to 2 hours before bed. The light emitted from devices can play havoc with your sleep.

• Get ready for bed 3 hours before your bedtime. There’s nothing better than changing into your comfortable clothes as soon as you come in from work, and winding down slowly.

• Go to bed in an uncluttered room, there’s nothing better than a clean and tidy room to help you drift off.

• Have a 30-45 minute tidy up before bed. A quick tidy up of the living room, plump the cushions, wash the dishes or load the dishwasher, wipe down kitchen work surfaces and a quick clean of the sink. A tidy kitchen will be the perfect way to start the day. Wipe down the bathroom sink after you’ve brushed your teeth.

• Always keep a notepad and pen on the bedside table to jot down any thoughts that may be preventing you from falling asleep. Also keep a glass of water next to the bed incase you need a drink through the night.

• Room and body temperature can also disrupt sleep. Cotton bedlinen will help regulate body temperature. Nightwear which isn’t too thick will also prevent your body from overheating. I like good old cotton (not brushed) for winter and silk for summer. Keeping the bedroom radiators low so there’s a background heat will prevent the room from getting too hot.

• I personally prefer curtains to blinds as they can shut out as much light as possible. Also keep the window closed at night if you are a light sleeper to prevent your sleep being disturbed.


Loop London

After seeing the Quince & Co First Stitch, First Scarf on Instagram, I started searching online for a stockist within the UK.image


The stockist I came across was Loop London. Their website is a wonderful place to shop as there are a lot of unique items and brands to choose from.image

The Quince & Co Osprey yarn is gorgeous, it’s not itchy at all for sensitive skin and it keeps my neck very warm indeed. The scarf is knitted in garter stitch on 6mm needles, making it a quick project. It would make an excellent gift for anybody interested in learning to knit and the mini booklet includes two patterns ( garter stitch scarf and ribbed scarf), it also includes tips and instructions on how to cast on and off and weaving in the ends to achieve a professional finish.

I would rate the Quince & Co Osprey wool and project 5/5


October in Review

img_8981Autumn is my favourite season overall, but October is my favourite month colour wise.

We spent lots of days at home with family, I had a bad cold which lasted for weeks so I took those days extra slow. I like it when the temperature drops but it’s still mild enough to not have to wear a coat.

My highlights for October were:

The pixie bunting I ordered  from Betsy Blair Home arrived and it adds a lovely feminine colour to the blues in my room and it picks out the pink in the Susie Watson Oscar pitcher.

A parcel containing gifts from a special friend arrived which really cheered me up and it was extremely kind and thoughtful of them.img_8982

Hunkering down indoors when the rainy weather came with candles, books and blankets.

Adding to my Crown Devon ‘Stockholm‘ collection, this is a particular favourite of my Mam’s and I. The colour and design are very festive and I’m looking forward to using them come December.

Making a seasonal garland from the Belle & Bright subscription which brings a feeling of joy every time I see it.

Enjoying cosy drinks and shortbread with loved ones.

October was the month for pies thanks to our pie maker. We made steak pie, mince and onion pie and macaroni pie (inspired by our frequent trips over the border).

Reading The BFG for the first time.

Investing in classic pieces of clothing that I will enjoy wearing during the coming months.

Finally deciding on a colour scheme for my bedroom.

My goals for November are to finish reading the three books I started in October and to spend more time with friends and family.