Creating a Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine isn’t just for children. Adults need to wind down before bed too. Creating a nighttime routine will help you feel calm and relaxed and will help you drift off quicker.


My tips are

• No food or caffeinated drinks after 6pm. A warm hot chocolate or malted drink will help you feel sleepy.

• No screen time up to 2 hours before bed. The light emitted from devices can play havoc with your sleep.

• Get ready for bed 3 hours before your bedtime. There’s nothing better than changing into your comfortable clothes as soon as you come in from work, and winding down slowly.

• Go to bed in an uncluttered room, there’s nothing better than a clean and tidy room to help you drift off.

• Have a 30-45 minute tidy up before bed. A quick tidy up of the living room, plump the cushions, wash the dishes or load the dishwasher, wipe down kitchen work surfaces and a quick clean of the sink. A tidy kitchen will be the perfect way to start the day. Wipe down the bathroom sink after you’ve brushed your teeth.

• Always keep a notepad and pen on the bedside table to jot down any thoughts that may be preventing you from falling asleep. Also keep a glass of water next to the bed incase you need a drink through the night.

• Room and body temperature can also disrupt sleep. Cotton bedlinen will help regulate body temperature. Nightwear which isn’t too thick will also prevent your body from overheating. I like good old cotton (not brushed) for winter and silk for summer. Keeping the bedroom radiators low so there’s a background heat will prevent the room from getting too hot.

• I personally prefer curtains to blinds as they can shut out as much light as possible. Also keep the window closed at night if you are a light sleeper to prevent your sleep being disturbed.


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