Party Make-up

As a regular Chanel make-up wearer and being disappointed with counter staff service, I decided enough was enough.


These past couple of weeks I have been browsing the web in search of ‘cult classics’. Brands and products that have been around for years, often with formulations that haven’t changed.

I decided to pop into boots and use my points to purchase a couple of items to see what I thought. Due to my Mam and I buying a Pan Stick each, we got a free gift which included primer, lipgloss and mascara.

I’ve only been using these make-up items for 4 days and already I am converted. I won’t be returning to Chanel any time soon (I’ve still got products left from them which I will use up).

I don’t think I’d repurchase the Face Finity Primer as I haven’t noticed a difference with how long my make-up lasts.

The False Lash Effect mascara is a lovely mascara that coats the lashes without making them appear clumpy.

The lipgloss is a favourite of mine. I wanted a red lip colour for the Christmas season and family get togethers and this shade is perfect.

Pan Stick has been around for decades and I can see why it is very popular. I only use a small amount of foundation, it covers redness and helps even out the skin without appearing thick, cakey or orangey. I like to set it with a powder.

My party make-up will consist of these four make-up items, a neutral smoky eye and rose blush.

This is my first foray into budget beauty in years and I am not disappointed. I’m looking forward to making more make-up discoveries next year. Do you have any favourites?


4 thoughts on “Party Make-up

  1. That’s so interesting Louise, I purchased a No7 face mask, my first ‘budget’ skincare product in years (which I got for 1/2 price because of a promotion) and I too am hooked! Still love my Chanel foundation though… I’m just so sorry you experienced poor counter service though, was it Fenwicks? I’ve not been in a long time but found the staff on Bobbi Brown in Fenwicks were awful. Lovely post by the way Louise x

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Lisa. I love finding gems in the budget friendly skincare and make-up aisles. I used to use No7 skincare years ago and never had an issue with their sensitive range.

      The appalling service from the Chanel staff was in Boots in Eldon Square. The attitude and body language was terrible Lisa. The ladies in Fenwick are a credit to Chanel and could teach the girls in Boots a thing or two. I only went to Boots as Fenwick were out of stock of a couple of things. I’m still enjoying the Chanel foundation, but I think instead of using this everyday, I will use it for special occasions instead.

      I am sorry you received bad service with Bobbi Brown in Fenwick. I can appreciate the hard work they do, but to act in a non professional way is uncalled for. Like you, I’m always polite when visiting a counter and if I treat them with respect, I expect to receive that in return. It’s disappointing Lisa.


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