Welcoming 2017

As we welcome in ‘The New Year’ in just a matter of hours, many of us compile resolutions. Sometimes we stick to those, other times we fail miserably.

In 2017 I’ll be having a big birthday and would like to enjoy experiences instead of things. This year instead of making resolutions, I’m setting myself goals instead. 2017 will be a year of enjoying the simple pleasures in life that don’t have to break the bank. The things  I’d like to do in 2017 are;

1) Read one book a month – So many times I set myself a higher target and feel deflated if I only reach half of that. By spending a month per book I will be able to savour it and make notes and post reviews on the blog.

2) Family days out – whether it’s a trip to the Scottish Borders, Yorkshire or the Northumberland coast. There’s  nothing I like more than packing the car in the morning with a picnic and setting off for the day. Enjoying the scenery of somewhere other than home is one of the things I love most, especially when it’s enjoyed with loved ones.

3) Taking time to brew a cuppa using a teapot – It’s convenient to boil the kettle and make a cuppa, but taking 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy a pot of tea with a couple of chapters of a book is a good way to spend an afternoon.

4) Moving my blitz cleaning/tidying day to a Thursday afternoon means the house will feel welcoming and homely for the weekend.

5) Clean sheets, pj’s and long soak in the bath – I adore the smell and feel of clean bedding once a week but my baths are normally taken on different days (as I prefer to shower daily). A long soak in the bath with lovely smellies followed by fresh bedlinen will be a blissful indulgent treat.

6) Only buy when I need it – An obvious one but if I don’t need it or it’s not on offer, don’t buy it. Being more mindful with money is something I’ve been doing during November/December 2016. I’m also carrying cash around more often.
Do you have any plans or goals for 2017?



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