Taking a break

I have been lacking in my blog posts of late due to various reasons.

This past week I’ve had the winter bug that has been doing its rounds. So this past weekend I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself, what I want from life etc.

My Nanna has always told me to never change, this is something that has been playing on mind this weekend. What would she say if she knew how much I spend on things? I was thinking of something just the other day and it got me thinking about my maternal grandad. My grandad was in the merchant navy, he dressed smartly, grew a lot of his own vegetables and lived a modest life. I was looking at some expensive interior items and I could hear him saying ‘It costs how much?’.  This got me thinking that the things I was looking at weren’t really me, I don’t have that kind of lifestyle.

I remember when our ‘friends’ (I’m using that word loosely) came into money, our car wasn’t good enough for there new estate. Our life was too simple for them (our life was far from simple). I don’t want to be like that.

What I’m saying is ‘never change’ as a person, your values, your passions and your dreams. Be happy being you. Don’t let others sway you. Yes treat yourself to nice things, but don’t let them own you.


5 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Oh Louise. This really touched me. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. There is no harm in treating yourself to lovely things every now and then, so don’t feel guilty. Life is too short. My weaknesses are travel, fragrance and accessories. 🙈..I love Joules clothing too but I keep reminding myself that we have a mortgage and bills to pay for so at the same time I’m very careful. 😘Xxx

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Susan. I completely agree with what you’ve said. Experiences are important so I always say invest in them. It’s lovely to treat ourselves and we definitely deserve to as we work hard. Joules clothing is lovely quality, I have a weakness for their Breton tops. I’m going to take the less is more approach in future so I don’t feel as guilty with my purchases. I feel shopping online can be far too easy. Your weaknesses are lovely ones. I’m definitely going to rein in my impulsiveness and start to be careful with what I spend my money on. 😘xxx

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  2. Interesting post. I have spent the last few weeks decluttering as I find I cannot cope with so much stuff as I get older. I am enjoying having less and feel better for it. I love a treat too but the whole decluttering exercise has made me think twice about what I buy with my hard earned cash !

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Paula. I’m finding that also. One of the things I’d like to do during 2017 is to Simplify everything. I’m on a no buy at the moment (since yesterday) and won’t be buying anything unless it needs replacing. I find that when I declutter I do feel better for it. I’ve read both of Marie Kondo’s books, but I’m only now following the advice. It’s easy to part with your hard earned money and sometimes it’s good to do it, but sometimes I feel like I should’ve waited a little while longer. I like the feeling of a tidy space when I’ve de cluttered.

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