Catching those Z’s

imageLate last year I wrote a blog post about creating a bedtime routine which you can read here

During this past week I have noticed that when I put these steps into practice it works a treat. So my routine of an evening has been:

4:30-5pm – Evening meal (depending on when the workers return home).

6pm – Mug of tea with a square of chocolate.

7pm – No screen time. Read a few chapters of a book. I found that when I read on the tablet (kindle app) it keeps me awake.

8pm – Get ready for bed (turn the covers down, pj’s on and tidy away what I’ve used in the day to get myself ready). When finished pick up the book again.

9:30pm – Brush teeth and jump into bed. Read until eyes feel heavy.

10-10:30pm – Lights out, eye mask on.

Having tried many eyemasks I’ve found this one to be my favourite as the fastener doesn’t dig in, the fabrics are soft and the lavender smell disappears but can be rejuvenated by gently squeezing it between the fingers and also popping it on the radiator before sleep helps. I’ll be reviewing this in the coming weeks.

Heat can also distrupt sleep so make sure your nightwear isn’t too thick. Yawn London make some of the nicest pj’s, Hanro nightdresses are lovely and Cath Kidston’s lighter cotton range is perfect for summer nights.




2 thoughts on “Catching those Z’s

    • I really like the eyemask. It’s more expensive than others I’ve had but it’s one of the softest and most comfortable ones I’ve had. It sits on the cheekbones and contours over the nose, so light is kept at bay and it stays in place. I like my room to be completely dark and with the mornings getting lighter it’s perfect for the weekends lie ins.

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