Masters of Mayfair

imageMy brother showed me Masters of Mayfair featured in one of the Sunday supplement magazines. I like my room to be completely dark and when I looked at these and the reviews I decided to go ahead and treat myself.

I’ve had sleep masks before a blackout one which wore out within a year and a cashmere one which doesn’t cover the eyes fully.

What I liked about Masters of Mayfair and why I ordered from them were the fact they were liked by air travellers for blocking out light, the colour choices and being made from soft fabrics.

The outer is a beautiful velvet fabric with a silk lining. There is a small amount of lavender within the sleep mask. The positioning of this is perfect as it sits within smelling distance to help you drift off to the land of nod. However it does need to be squeezed to refresh the scent as it’s not a strong lavender, which is perfect if you’re not a fan of lavender. The strap and fastener lie flat against the head, perfect for back sleepers as it doesn’t dig in. It’s fully adjustable too.

The eye-masks come beautifully boxed making them perfect for gifts and they’re made in London!

I really like this sleep mask, even though I have blackout curtains light does come in a little at the sides and around the door. The sleep mask makes sure the early morning light doesn’t disturb my weekend lie-ins.


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