Capusle Wardrobe – Part One

imageI am currently in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe. Not only that I’m also downsizing my hair, skin, make-up and body care products.

I think we all have our happy numbers when it comes to the things we own. Photographed is my current make-up collection, which is far too much for me. I’m on a complete make-up buying ban until something needs replacing.

In future these are the items I’d like to own for hair, skin, make-up and body. Having less will cut down on my daily routines, and the space required to store everything. It will also free up time to enjoy doing more of the hobbies I enjoy.

Hair care
• Shampoo – twice weekly only
• Conditioner – twice monthly (first Monday and last Monday of every month)
• Serum/de-frizz – coconut oil
• Heated tools – three times a month and foam rollers the rest of the time
• Hairstyle – soft layers at a manageable length

• AM – a splash of warm water and moisturiser (either sukin or almond oil)
• PM – non make-up days a hot flannel to gently exfoliate the skin, no moisturiser
• PM – make-up days, coconut oil and a hot flannel, no moisturiser
• Lip-balm (a homemade recipe) used morning and night

• tinted moisturiser or all in one powder to even out skin tone
• blusher (special occasions/weekend use only)
• single taupe eyeshadow (special occasions/weekend use only)
• mascara
• tinted lip balm

Body care
• unscented hand and body wash for when I want a foaming product (also for hand washing)
• homemade bath oil or homemade Himalayan bath salts
• homemade unscented soap
• homemade body butter, Shea butter or coconut oil as a hand and body moisturiser

It will be many months until I am achieving all of this list. I have already switched my skincare and it’s working great!!

The Wardrobe

Another area I’d like to focus my attention on is my wardrobe. The colours I’d like to have, how many bags, belts and shoes I need to accommodate my lifestyle. Jewellery, scarves etc which will add a touch of interest/colour to the outfits. I would also like to have a few outfits for special occasions/nights out.

I will do an update post as things progress.


2 thoughts on “Capusle Wardrobe – Part One

  1. Can I suggest that you condition on the first and third Monday of every month … this evens things out a bit better


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