08A1D2E4-4A24-4186-9767-F870C88BF84DMy extended break has been great, that was until I deleted my Instagram account and now have to start again. These past few weeks away have really cleared my head and given me focus.

I’ve decided to allow myself a little online time each day, but spend the rest of the time taking time out for myself with a good book.

A lot of organising, decluttering and faffing has been happening and I’m going to share more of this on my blog in the coming weeks.

It’s good to be back!


An Extended Break

Something I have been thinking a lot about of late, is the time I spend online. I find my posts are becoming uninteresting, and this is something I want to address.

I have decided to take a much needed break from Instagram and blogging. Life has had it’s ups and downs and it’s time to focus my attention on these areas.

I want to thank you for all of the support you’ve shown me and I hope to see you all again soon.



4B74E66E-243C-4145-8230-B2EE09A8608CI don’t know what it is about the impending end of the year that makes you think about the past year. The resolutions or goals you set in January, the books you had every intention of reading, the jobs you promised yourself you’d get through and then you look back and think about what you didn’t do or achieve.

I know January 1st is a long way off (and I’m not wishing the year away), but I’m already thinking about what I’d like to achieve in 2018. I’m not going to set unachievable goals or tell myself I must read x amount of books or that I must get rid of most of my possessions as that’s what the current books are recommending. I think setting simpler goals is more achievable.

This year a very special person in my life passed away. Last Christmas we asked what they’d like for Christmas and their response was I’m content with what I have with me here. There wasn’t much around them, but just the four of us in the room who she knew loved her very much. It’s funny as there’s never a day goes by that my Nanna’s presence isn’t felt.

Then later in the year another person passed away who we had seen in late Spring. They lived their last months to the fullest. Seeing their family, travelling across the world to do so. Even though they were dying you wouldn’t have thought it from his outlook on life.

During the middle of October I received an unexpected gift from an elderly gentlemen who I often help with his shopping/crossing the road. Instead of spending it mindlessly I decided to use it to purchase a china tea trio (teapot, jug and sugar bowl). I bought a simple and plain design that would look quite at home in any setting.

It’s not the material things that matter, but the people and memories that mould us into the person we are.


The lovely Paula @type_writer_girl nominated me for a Liebster Award. As I’m still relatively new to blogging and finding my feet/blogs to follow I’m all new to this.


So I thought I’d start off by answering the 11 questions and to thank Paula with this post.

1) What is your favourite part of blogging? My favourite part of blogging is receiving comments. The interaction with followers is lovely.

2) What country, city or continent would you most like to visit and why? I would like to visit Denmark. After reading about ‘Hygge’ I would like to experience this first hand and have a ‘real’ cinnamon bun.

3) What was the most inspirational time in your life so far? The most inspirational time in my life so far was seeing my Nanna again after a period of not seeing her.

4) What are you passionate about? I am passionate about a lot of things but I would say the important one is spending time with my family.

5) What is your favourite book and why? Anything by Margery Allingham or Agatha Christie. There’s nothing like reading a mystery on a rainy afternoon.

6) What is your favourite time of year? My favourite time of year is Autumn. The changing colours of the leaves, crunchy underfoot. Candles, books and throws – perfect!

7) What are other interests you have besides blogging? My other interests are cooking, baking and gardening. I’m a real homebird.

8) Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? This is a tough one as I love the countryside but don’t fancy climbing mountains. So on this occasion I’m going to say the beach, only based on our quiet beaches in Northumberland.

9) Where did you go for your most memorable vacation? My most memorable holidays are our camping ones. We used to cram so much into our days.

10) Do you prefer a sunny or a rainy day? I prefer a sunny day but not too hot.

11) If you had a day all to yourself, how would you spend it? A day all to myself would start of with a leisurely breakfast, a morning full of baking sweet treats. Whilst they’re in the oven I would prepare my meals for lunch and tea. Jump in the bath for an hour, pop my pyjama’s on and spend the afternoon with pots of tea and lots of books. There’s nothing like a day at home.

Thank you for the nomination.

Another birthday ending with a zero

imageWhy do birthdays always make you question life and our life choices? Last week I celebrated a birthday ending with a zero. I was thinking about what I had achieved since my last milestone. In the grand scheme of things not much had changed, but in other ways they have.

I am now focusing my time on those people who I love dearly – close family and friends. These are some of the other things I’m hoping to achieve in the next ten years;

  • To focus on making our house a home
  • To spend money on experiences rather than impulse buys
  • To support independent businesses
  • To continue purchasing vintage items
  • To only buy a maximum of 2 magazines a month
  • To read everyday

I think the worst thing I’ve been doing these past few years, is thinking too much of what others think of me, my circumstances etc. I’m hoping to retrain myself to be less of a worrier. I’m hoping to care less about not keeping up with the Jones’!


imageWhen I started my blog The Little White Croft it was just a dream. It is still is my dream to have a Croft/Crofter but where and when that will be I don’t know. It could be Ireland, Scotland or Wales, all 3 places have a connection to me.

Crofts can be small or large depending on whether they’ve been extended or not. Having this dream of mine is the focus for my future but also for my current life. It is helping me buy less things and to also stop and pause to see if it is something I really need. Something I haven’t done until now is to think about the future. A life with excess stuff and hardly any pension when I retire isn’t my idea of fun. I have decided to cut back in certain areas and to start saving for my future.

The thing I have done prior to this dream is to buy on impulse or to purchase something to fill a void in my life at that moment. Now I’d rather have less and think each purchase through thoroughly. A Croft doesn’t have a lot storage, so you have to be crafty with the space, having less is a sure start to help with that.

I also get distracted quite a bit as I love many different fabrics in a wide range of colours. I know in a north facing room you’re supposed to stick to warm tones. However in my bedroom I’ve gone with cooler tones blue soft furnishings, ivory lampshades and grey walls. I’ve kept the furniture warm with the use of oak and the flooring is also wood with a rug to soften the scheme a little. I find this palette calming but I do know pinks or reds would’ve been better, but I don’t think they’re for me.

Pinterest is invaluable for being able to put a mood board together easily. It’s a great way of seeing if a scheme will work well together. I’ve been pinning lots of ideas for my dream Croft from kitchen dressers and china to bathrooms with a deep bath. It’s a fun way of seeing what styles really appeal to you and keeping them all pinned in one place.

A Croft lifestyle to me means not keeping up with the Joneses, growing my own fruit and vegetables, baking, being part of a community and lots of walking with my dogs (optional). A general slower pace of life. It should be cosy and welcoming too with lots of home cooked meals using seasonal produce. A place my family and friends will want to visit and to have a feeling of never wanting to leave.

For now it’s just a dream, but a lovely one to have!

Taking a break

I have been lacking in my blog posts of late due to various reasons.

This past week I’ve had the winter bug that has been doing its rounds. So this past weekend I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself, what I want from life etc.

My Nanna has always told me to never change, this is something that has been playing on mind this weekend. What would she say if she knew how much I spend on things? I was thinking of something just the other day and it got me thinking about my maternal grandad. My grandad was in the merchant navy, he dressed smartly, grew a lot of his own vegetables and lived a modest life. I was looking at some expensive interior items and I could hear him saying ‘It costs how much?’.  This got me thinking that the things I was looking at weren’t really me, I don’t have that kind of lifestyle.

I remember when our ‘friends’ (I’m using that word loosely) came into money, our car wasn’t good enough for there new estate. Our life was too simple for them (our life was far from simple). I don’t want to be like that.

What I’m saying is ‘never change’ as a person, your values, your passions and your dreams. Be happy being you. Don’t let others sway you. Yes treat yourself to nice things, but don’t let them own you.