Another birthday ending with a zero

imageWhy do birthdays always make you question life and our life choices? Last week I celebrated a birthday ending with a zero. I was thinking about what I had achieved since my last milestone. In the grand scheme of things not much had changed, but in other ways they have.

I am now focusing my time on those people who I love dearly – close family and friends. These are some of the other things I’m hoping to achieve in the next ten years;

  • To focus on making our house a home
  • To spend money on experiences rather than impulse buys
  • To support independent businesses
  • To continue purchasing vintage items
  • To only buy a maximum of 2 magazines a month
  • To read everyday

I think the worst thing I’ve been doing these past few years, is thinking too much of what others think of me, my circumstances etc. I’m hoping to retrain myself to be less of a worrier. I’m hoping to care less about not keeping up with the Jones’!


imageWhen I started my blog The Little White Croft it was just a dream. It is still is my dream to have a Croft/Crofter but where and when that will be I don’t know. It could be Ireland, Scotland or Wales, all 3 places have a connection to me.

Crofts can be small or large depending on whether they’ve been extended or not. Having this dream of mine is the focus for my future but also for my current life. It is helping me buy less things and to also stop and pause to see if it is something I really need. Something I haven’t done until now is to think about the future. A life with excess stuff and hardly any pension when I retire isn’t my idea of fun. I have decided to cut back in certain areas and to start saving for my future.

The thing I have done prior to this dream is to buy on impulse or to purchase something to fill a void in my life at that moment. Now I’d rather have less and think each purchase through thoroughly. A Croft doesn’t have a lot storage, so you have to be crafty with the space, having less is a sure start to help with that.

I also get distracted quite a bit as I love many different fabrics in a wide range of colours. I know in a north facing room you’re supposed to stick to warm tones. However in my bedroom I’ve gone with cooler tones blue soft furnishings, ivory lampshades and grey walls. I’ve kept the furniture warm with the use of oak and the flooring is also wood with a rug to soften the scheme a little. I find this palette calming but I do know pinks or reds would’ve been better, but I don’t think they’re for me.

Pinterest is invaluable for being able to put a mood board together easily. It’s a great way of seeing if a scheme will work well together. I’ve been pinning lots of ideas for my dream Croft from kitchen dressers and china to bathrooms with a deep bath. It’s a fun way of seeing what styles really appeal to you and keeping them all pinned in one place.

A Croft lifestyle to me means not keeping up with the Joneses, growing my own fruit and vegetables, baking, being part of a community and lots of walking with my dogs (optional). A general slower pace of life. It should be cosy and welcoming too with lots of home cooked meals using seasonal produce. A place my family and friends will want to visit and to have a feeling of never wanting to leave.

For now it’s just a dream, but a lovely one to have!

Product Empties – March 2017

imageOne of my Resolutions for 2017 was to use up a product I have before replacing it.

During March I have used up

• Various samples from Sisley – I loved everything I tried and I’ve asked for some for my birthday. I’m in two minds about Sisley because although I like the products I’ve tried, I haven’t seen massive improvements and I don’t know if the products are worth splurging on.

• A’kin Rosemary shampoo – I loved the smell of this, but I didn’t notice much difference in my hair. Wouldn’t repurchase.

• Bamford One Morning fragrance – a lovely light day time fragrance. Might repurchase.

• Kjaer Weis lip tint ‘Passionate’ – it’s a lovely soft pink/red shade but it didn’t have much pigment. Wouldn’t re-purchase.

• Honeypie Minerals foundation sample – didn’t like this on my skin. Wouldn’t repurchase.

• Plum & Ashley hand and body wash – I used 2 of these up during March. I found it very drying on the hands, so wouldn’t repurchase.

• Bamford Rose hand & body wash – I loved this and would repurchase.

• Little Soap Company olive soap – very gentle and low lathering. Would repurchase as it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

• Kjaer Weis cream blush ‘Blossoming’ – lovely colour but difficult to blend. Wouldn’t repurchase.

• Aveda Scalp a Benefits conditioner – wouldn’t repurchase

• Chanel Les Beiges Foundation – nice colour and coverage. Would repurchase but it’s pricey.

• Kjaer Weis cream blush ‘Lovely’ – I couldn’t use this sample up as the colour was too vivid for my pale skin.

• Honeypie Minerals rose blush – didn’t like the colour, wouldn’t repurchase.
I’m planning on doing more of these posts and also beauty favourites which are my go to repeat purchases. Let me know if these posts are of interest.

Book Review – L’art de la Simpicité by Dominique Loreau

I first stumbled upon L’art de la Simplicité by Dominique Loreau whilst shopping in WHSmith in January. When I returned home I downloaded the sample to my kindle app. A month later I decided to purchase the book from WHSmith as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I must admit to judging the book by its cover, and it didn’t disappoint!

The book is split into three parts. The first part Materialism and Minimalism covers material excess, in praise of minimalism and ethics and aesthetics. Part two Body covers your beauty, minimalist beauty care and eat less but better. Part three Mind covers your inner ecology, other people and polish yourself like a pebble.

I found the writing style easy, never patronising, and because of this I wanted to continue to turn the pages. I will re-read certain parts of the book again and again.

If you enjoy reading self-help or self-improving books then you’ll enjoy this. If you enjoyed Marie Kondo’s writing style, this is on par with that also. If you’re wanting to curb materialism this a good place to start.

I will never be a minimalist with 100 possessions but I am being a more conscious consumer since reading this book. Part one of the book is something I will read on a monthly basis as I found that chapter of the book struck a cord with me. I’ve also found myself letting go of things since reading this and being picky with what I bring into my home.

Let me know if you’d read this or will read it. I’m interested to see what you think of it.

Masters of Mayfair

imageMy brother showed me Masters of Mayfair featured in one of the Sunday supplement magazines. I like my room to be completely dark and when I looked at these and the reviews I decided to go ahead and treat myself.

I’ve had sleep masks before a blackout one which wore out within a year and a cashmere one which doesn’t cover the eyes fully.

What I liked about Masters of Mayfair and why I ordered from them were the fact they were liked by air travellers for blocking out light, the colour choices and being made from soft fabrics.

The outer is a beautiful velvet fabric with a silk lining. There is a small amount of lavender within the sleep mask. The positioning of this is perfect as it sits within smelling distance to help you drift off to the land of nod. However it does need to be squeezed to refresh the scent as it’s not a strong lavender, which is perfect if you’re not a fan of lavender. The strap and fastener lie flat against the head, perfect for back sleepers as it doesn’t dig in. It’s fully adjustable too.

The eye-masks come beautifully boxed making them perfect for gifts and they’re made in London!

I really like this sleep mask, even though I have blackout curtains light does come in a little at the sides and around the door. The sleep mask makes sure the early morning light doesn’t disturb my weekend lie-ins.

Catching those Z’s

imageLate last year I wrote a blog post about creating a bedtime routine which you can read here

During this past week I have noticed that when I put these steps into practice it works a treat. So my routine of an evening has been:

4:30-5pm – Evening meal (depending on when the workers return home).

6pm – Mug of tea with a square of chocolate.

7pm – No screen time. Read a few chapters of a book. I found that when I read on the tablet (kindle app) it keeps me awake.

8pm – Get ready for bed (turn the covers down, pj’s on and tidy away what I’ve used in the day to get myself ready). When finished pick up the book again.

9:30pm – Brush teeth and jump into bed. Read until eyes feel heavy.

10-10:30pm – Lights out, eye mask on.

Having tried many eyemasks I’ve found this one to be my favourite as the fastener doesn’t dig in, the fabrics are soft and the lavender smell disappears but can be rejuvenated by gently squeezing it between the fingers and also popping it on the radiator before sleep helps. I’ll be reviewing this in the coming weeks.

Heat can also distrupt sleep so make sure your nightwear isn’t too thick. Yawn London make some of the nicest pj’s, Hanro nightdresses are lovely and Cath Kidston’s lighter cotton range is perfect for summer nights.



Laura Mercier Face & Eye Palette

imageI received for Christmas from my parents, the Laura Mercier face and eye palette. It was an exclusive palette for Space NK.

The compact is animal print and features a large mirror in the lid which is perfect for using to apply make-up on the go as you can see the whole face. The eyeshadows feature 4 luminous shades and 4 matt shades. The eyeshadows feel soft and silky and apply beautifully and blend well. The eyeshadows can be worn individually with the darker shades used as eyeliner.

Also featured in the compact is a cheek colour and radiance face powder. These palettes are available every year in different configurations.

This is my first Laura Mercier purchase and I know it will not be my last. The colours are perfect for Autumn/Winter eye looks. The lighter colours would look perfect during the warmer months with the darker shades as eyeliner.

These compacts are great for those who love to experiment with lots of make-up looks. It is also perfect for those who don’t like a lot of individual eyeshadows and prefer an all in one palette. This would be great for travel.

I’m looking forward to trying more products from Laura Mercier during 2017.