Another birthday ending with a zero

imageWhy do birthdays always make you question life and our life choices? Last week I celebrated a birthday ending with a zero. I was thinking about what I had achieved since my last milestone. In the grand scheme of things not much had changed, but in other ways they have.

I am now focusing my time on those people who I love dearly – close family and friends. These are some of the other things I’m hoping to achieve in the next ten years;

  • To focus on making our house a home
  • To spend money on experiences rather than impulse buys
  • To support independent businesses
  • To continue purchasing vintage items
  • To only buy a maximum of 2 magazines a month
  • To read everyday

I think the worst thing I’ve been doing these past few years, is thinking too much of what others think of me, my circumstances etc. I’m hoping to retrain myself to be less of a worrier. I’m hoping to care less about not keeping up with the Jones’!

Welcoming 2017

As we welcome in ‘The New Year’ in just a matter of hours, many of us compile resolutions. Sometimes we stick to those, other times we fail miserably.

In 2017 I’ll be having a big birthday and would like to enjoy experiences instead of things. This year instead of making resolutions, I’m setting myself goals instead. 2017 will be a year of enjoying the simple pleasures in life that don’t have to break the bank. The things  I’d like to do in 2017 are;

1) Read one book a month – So many times I set myself a higher target and feel deflated if I only reach half of that. By spending a month per book I will be able to savour it and make notes and post reviews on the blog.

2) Family days out – whether it’s a trip to the Scottish Borders, Yorkshire or the Northumberland coast. There’s  nothing I like more than packing the car in the morning with a picnic and setting off for the day. Enjoying the scenery of somewhere other than home is one of the things I love most, especially when it’s enjoyed with loved ones.

3) Taking time to brew a cuppa using a teapot – It’s convenient to boil the kettle and make a cuppa, but taking 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy a pot of tea with a couple of chapters of a book is a good way to spend an afternoon.

4) Moving my blitz cleaning/tidying day to a Thursday afternoon means the house will feel welcoming and homely for the weekend.

5) Clean sheets, pj’s and long soak in the bath – I adore the smell and feel of clean bedding once a week but my baths are normally taken on different days (as I prefer to shower daily). A long soak in the bath with lovely smellies followed by fresh bedlinen will be a blissful indulgent treat.

6) Only buy when I need it – An obvious one but if I don’t need it or it’s not on offer, don’t buy it. Being more mindful with money is something I’ve been doing during November/December 2016. I’m also carrying cash around more often.
Do you have any plans or goals for 2017?