Christmas 2017

BDEC121B-4582-4D92-8CA7-45775AFC9B8B2017 has been a strange year, and possibly one I’d like to lock away. Having said that we did make some wonderful memories and those will stay with me forever.

Christmas 2017 was most enjoyable. Filled with family, laughter, food and films. We watched Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, A Christmas Carol from 1951, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Charles Dickens, Holiday Inn and Holiday Affair. We also watched Morecombe & Wise. The old ones really are the best.

My Christmas reads didn’t turn out too well, but there’s always next year.

As always I am very grateful for the presents I received, my parents and brother always spoil me. The most important thing about Christmas is family, everything else is a bonus.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.


Confessions of a beautyholic

How is it November already? After doing a lot of purging lately, I’ve neglected my own little space on the internet.

22636A27-2A48-465B-B32E-8E1B5F87A8E9During the latter autumnal months, there’s something that ignites within me to have a good sort out. This past week has seen me really declutter and organise my beauty product stash.

I don’t know how I accumulated so much stuff, and whilst it’s lovely to own nice things, it can often feel overwhelming when you lay it all out. Will I ever get through all this stuff? Well the answer is no, if you continue consuming.

So I’ve organised my make-up, skincare, bath and body and hair care into separate areas so I know where everything is and there’s a corresponding list to accompany all this.

To keep myself in check, I have also decided to write down my ramblings and thoughts on each item, whether I’d repurchase an item and at the end of each month I will do an empties post (if there are any used up products) to review them on here as a little diary entry.

Whilst this using up process is happening it will give me plenty of time to research products, ingredients etc to create a perfect routine that offers hydration to my dry/sensitive skin. I’m thinking a simpler routine of just cleansing, nourishing and moisturising may be needed?

Do you have any beauty products you constantly rely on?

My Sisley Experience

imageIn February 2017 I decided to buy a few make-up items from Sisley. The ladies on the counter in the Metro Centre were very helpful. They also gave me samples of the skincare products suitable for sensitive skin. I used these samples sparingly as I didn’t want to use them up before my birthday in April.

The make-up items I bought were:

Kohl pencil in Plum – this is a lovely soft kohl pencil which doesn’t drag on application. It can wear off during the day. The colour is lovely and the application is easy. I would rate this 4/5

Eyeshadow in Stardust – an easy neutral which you can wear on it’s own as a single eyeshadow or use it with a second shade to create a smoky look. I would rate this 4/5

Eyeshadow shading brush – I bought this after reading about the quality of their brushes online. They’re made in Mauritius. Even though the brush appears dense, it is soft. I would rate it 3/5 as it’s no different to a cheaper one I have.

Update – April 2017

I received some skincare for my birthday after enjoying the skincare samples. They were the cleansing milk Lyslait and Compound Ecologique (Ecological Compound).

The cleansing milk I loved, it melted make-up away with no effort. I would’ve rated it 5/5

Ecological Compound can be used in two ways, either as a serum under a moisturiser or as a stand alone moisturiser for oily skin. The lady on the counter described this as a multi-vitamin for the skin. I would’ve rated this 4/5

I was using these products as recommended by the ladies at Sisley, after a week my skin was spotty and I looked like a teenager again. I decided to persevere, and after another week my skin was still spotty and on top of that it was red and angry looking. I had dry patches around my mouth and across the cheeks and temples. It felt like sand paper. I phoned the lady at Sisley to explain what had happened and when she saw my skin she couldn’t believe it and was very apologetic. She was shocked as one of the products she recommend is supposed to be for extremely sensitive skin.

If your skin isn’t sensitive then I’d say don’t let this review put you off. Sisley make lovely products. If you are thinking of purchasing anything, make sure you use the samples on consecutive days so you can see if they are suitable. Don’t do like I did and use them every 3 days. This is why I didn’t know how my skin would react to using the products daily until I bought the full sizes.

If you live in the Newcastle/Gateshead area I can highly recommend the ladies at Sisley House of Fraser.

Unfortunately I found my experience in John Lewis Newcastle disappointing and I won’t be returning to that area of the store.

Laura Mercier Face & Eye Palette

imageI received for Christmas from my parents, the Laura Mercier face and eye palette. It was an exclusive palette for Space NK.

The compact is animal print and features a large mirror in the lid which is perfect for using to apply make-up on the go as you can see the whole face. The eyeshadows feature 4 luminous shades and 4 matt shades. The eyeshadows feel soft and silky and apply beautifully and blend well. The eyeshadows can be worn individually with the darker shades used as eyeliner.

Also featured in the compact is a cheek colour and radiance face powder. These palettes are available every year in different configurations.

This is my first Laura Mercier purchase and I know it will not be my last. The colours are perfect for Autumn/Winter eye looks. The lighter colours would look perfect during the warmer months with the darker shades as eyeliner.

These compacts are great for those who love to experiment with lots of make-up looks. It is also perfect for those who don’t like a lot of individual eyeshadows and prefer an all in one palette. This would be great for travel.

I’m looking forward to trying more products from Laura Mercier during 2017.

Party Make-up

As a regular Chanel make-up wearer and being disappointed with counter staff service, I decided enough was enough.


These past couple of weeks I have been browsing the web in search of ‘cult classics’. Brands and products that have been around for years, often with formulations that haven’t changed.

I decided to pop into boots and use my points to purchase a couple of items to see what I thought. Due to my Mam and I buying a Pan Stick each, we got a free gift which included primer, lipgloss and mascara.

I’ve only been using these make-up items for 4 days and already I am converted. I won’t be returning to Chanel any time soon (I’ve still got products left from them which I will use up).

I don’t think I’d repurchase the Face Finity Primer as I haven’t noticed a difference with how long my make-up lasts.

The False Lash Effect mascara is a lovely mascara that coats the lashes without making them appear clumpy.

The lipgloss is a favourite of mine. I wanted a red lip colour for the Christmas season and family get togethers and this shade is perfect.

Pan Stick has been around for decades and I can see why it is very popular. I only use a small amount of foundation, it covers redness and helps even out the skin without appearing thick, cakey or orangey. I like to set it with a powder.

My party make-up will consist of these four make-up items, a neutral smoky eye and rose blush.

This is my first foray into budget beauty in years and I am not disappointed. I’m looking forward to making more make-up discoveries next year. Do you have any favourites?